Stratas & EV Charging: The time to act is now!

Financial incentives are currently available to British Columbia multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) but are increasingly difficult to access with the number of stratas, rental buildings, workplaces, businesses and fleets all competing for these limited resources.

“EV Ready” CleanBC rebates in the BC Hydro serving area were recently cancelled (June 2023). This program was a victim of its own success and indicative of the momentum now in place to electrify parkades for EVs.

The NRCan ZEV Infrastructure Program currently enables up to 50% project cost recovery. 

The next round of direct intake funding (projects requesting more than $100K of assistance) is expected to open for applications in the Fall of 2023.

Results: Of our 2022 NRCan ZEVIP direct intake grant applications on behalf of our clients, we were successful in 2 of 3 applications, with the 3rd, being approved for funding subject to the first successful candidates not taking up the budgeted funds.

We can help you move your project along quickly. In order to complete an application funding must be approved which means your strata’s EV charging project needs to be configured, costed and approved by owners with a 50% majority at an SGM or AGM before the application period closing date. Typically the open application periods are within a three month window.

Of our active involvement with stratas owners (prior to the 75% resolution approval requirement being dropped to 50% with Bill 22 on May 11, 2023) we achieved success with every client we worked with with approval rates ranging from 84-97%.

Stratas, MURBs and workplaces across Canada can now benefit from selling carbon credits – a new income stream for your building.

We offer services to ensure a well thought out project configuration to maximize government grants, and the future versatility of your project. We review and assess electrical contractor proposals. We build the business case, communications and information sessions for your stakeholders to move your project forward.